Tidewater Destination Imagination News

2014 Special Awards

These are the special awards given out at the 2014 Regional Tournament. We are proud of all the teams and individuals recognized below.

Spirt of Discovery & Imagination Award – Individual Award

Spirit - LandonSanderl - EL - A

Technical Challenge: Dig In, Elementary Level
Recipient: Landon Sanderl of Kingston Elementary School

This team came to us all the way from the North Pole. A team of very energetic and industrious elves had to use magic gloves to identify hidden objects. An Object Placement Specialist (OPS) was responsible for finding the objects and placing the containers in the Start Area. This OPS from Kingston Elementary School, Landon Sanderl, demonstrated exceptional spirit and is awarded this Spirit of Discovery & Imagination Award.

Renaissance Award for Outstanding Design, Engineering or Performance

Rennaissance - BabyMade - EL - A

Technical Challenge: Dig In
Recipient: Team Baby Made a Boom Boom, Malibu Elementary School

This team went beyond the call of duty. They showed exemplary knowledge of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Their level of understanding complex concepts was well beyond their years. For outstanding mastery of technical skills, Baby Made a Boom Boom from Malibu Elementary School is awarded this Renaissance Award.

DaVinci Award for Outstanding Creativity


Scientific Challenge: Going to Extremes
Recipient: The Thinkbots from Woodstock Elementary School

The Thinkbots impressed us with their creative and innovative presentation. The Thinkbots took us on a journey to the bottom of the Mariana Trench with Professor Austin and his Supersuit 1000 battling extreme cold, water pressure, and hydrothermal vents. This team used innovative design and comedic talent to reach a truly new and unique destination. Great job!

Renaissance Award for Outstanding Design, Engineering or Performance

Rennaissance - Chocolate Snowflakes - EL - B

Scientific Challenge: Going to Extremes
Recipient: Chocolate Snowflakes from Linkhorn Park Elementary

This team created and successfully demonstrated a functional water filtration system using multiple layers of sand, carbon, and pebbles as an adaption to a shortage of clean water. We were impressed by their use of available underground materials and effective design to filter water for their Alpaca, Fluffy.

Renaissance Award for Outstanding Design, Engineering or Performance

Rennaissance - Crazy7 - EL - C

Fine Arts Challenge: Laugh Art Loud
Recipient: The Crazy 7 from Old Donation Center

This team created a Caption Contraption that went above and beyond the requirements of the device. The Contraption showed great skill in the areas of engineering, ingenuity and originality, as well as a true understanding of a “contraption.”

2014 Tournament Results Posted

The results for the 2014 Tidewater Regional Tournament have been posted. View them here or download the PDF.

Tidewater Regional Tournament Registration is OPEN!

We are proud to announce that registration for the 2014 Regional Tournament here in Tidewater, VA is now OPEN! Once your team has chosen it’s challenge, you can register them for the tournament using our online form with secure online checkout.

Tournament registration fees will be as follows:
Early Bird Special – $40 / team before November 30
Basic Registration – $50 / team from December 1 – January 11
Late Registration – $75 / team from January 12 – February 8

Fees will automatically go up at midnight on the day that each period ends.

Take me to registration!

3M, Duct Tape & Destination Imagination

At Destination Imagination, we rely on a strong network of sponsors to help us continue our mission to teach the creative process to students in a variety of subjects, including STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), the arts and service learning. The success of our program and Global Finals event each year has been due in part to a history of great sponsors and partners.

Paul Hansen, Marketing Director for 3M (our strategic sponsor), discusses why Destination Imagination and 3M have a perfect marriage of values, including creativity and innovation.


Visit our main site to watch more sponsor video: www.destinationimagination.org

Global Finals 2013 Opening Ceremony

Destination Imagination teams that advance past regional and state/country (Affiliate) tournaments are invited to participate in Global Finals—the world’s largest celebration of creativity.
Global Finals is the culminating event of every Destination Imagination season. In May, more than 1,200 teams from 45 US states, 7 Canadian provinces and 13 countries gather in Knoxville, TN to showcase their Challenge solutions. More than 16,000 people attend Global Finals to celebrate creativity and have fun.

Watch the video below to see the excitement at Global Finals 2013 Opening Ceremony.

Save the Date For Global Finals 2014: May 21-25 – Knoxville, TN

We expect Global Finals 2014 to be the largest Global Finals in history. In addition to the tournament, the scheduled festivities include the 3M Duct Tape Costume Ball, High School and College Graduation, the International Passport Party and the Innovation EXPO. Some of the other popular exhibitors at last year’s event included NASA, National Geographic, Nascar, ThinkFun, DataWind and CitiBlocs.

Visit our main site to watch more videos from Global Finals 2013: www.destinationimagination.org